Lodha Mirabelle Price

Unit Type Size Price
2.5 BHK 1200 to 1400 Rs. 1.32 Crore Onwards
3 BHK 1500 to 1700 Sq Ft Rs. 1.65 Crore Onwards
3.5 BHK 1800 to 2000 Sq Ft Rs. 1.98 Crore Onwards
4 BHK + Maid’s Room 2200 to 2500 Sq Ft Rs. 2.42 Crore Onwards

Lodha Mirabelle’s apartment price starts at Rs. 1. 32 crores. The project provides luxurious apartments with various size configurations to meet the unique needs of all buyers. The apartments are designed to provide the best value for money with their modern features and prime location.

Lodha Group is committed to providing luxury projects at a reasonable cost, and their projects are developed strategically, providing convenience and comfort to the residents. Investing in a project built by the Lodha Group is a great opportunity to own a prestigious house in a prime area with excellent returns. The projects reflect the country’s progressive spirit and provide a good chance to invest in the best home. Moreover, the pre-launch price attracts many potential investors, promising maximum gains.

The price of this project is more affordable than the market price, and the pre-launch price attracts many potential investors, promising maximum gains. As the project is in the pre-launch stage, it will provide appealing new pre-launch price offers for various configurations at Lodha Mirabelle. After getting all the approvals, the launch will start, and there will be launch offers, too. So, investing in Lodha Mirabelle is a dream come true as the price is reasonable with offers and discounts.

Price of apartments in Lodha Mirabelle

Price of apartments in Lodha Mirabelle

The elegant apartment project Lodha Mirabelle offers many options to cater to different people’s needs. Prospective buyers can select units based on their budget and size requirements by referring to the price list. Lodha Mirabelle apartments’ price list varies depending on the unit’s size and other factors, especially during the pre-launch stage.

The price of apartments in Lodha Mirabelle for various configurations are:

  • 2.5 BHK – Rs. 1.32 crores
  • 3 BHK – Rs. 1.65 crores
  • 3.5 BHK – Rs. 1.98 crores
  • 4 BHK – Rs. 2.42 crores

Price of apartments in Nagavara

Price of apartments in Nagavara

Nagavara is considered one of the most prominent neighbourhoods in North Bengaluru because of its well-connected road network and developed social infrastructure. The locality is well-connected to other parts of Bangalore through the Outer Ring Road, Bellary Road, and the Bangalore Metro. The locality is close to Manyata Tech Park, which houses many major IT companies.

The real estate in this area is benefiting from new infrastructure projects, such as the metro and capacity enhancement plan. This location offers easy connectivity to the major employment hubs of the city. As a result, working professionals prefer to settle in nearby areas, increasing the market value of properties.

Apartments are a convenient mode of housing for those who work nearby. The area has witnessed a rapid increase in apartment projects. The area is growing fast now and has convenient access to all forms of transport. Investing in apartments can provide stable rental income due to the proximity to work areas. The average price of a comfortable 1 BHK apartment in Nagavara is almost Rs. 65 lakhs. If the apartment provides luxurious amenities and modern facilities, the price will increase to almost 80 to 85 lakhs. The average monthly rental of a 1 BHK apartment in Nagavara will be almost Rs. 18,000, which is a fair amount and provides a stable flow of money.

Price of apartments in Bangalore

Price of apartments in Bangalore

Bengaluru has seen significant infrastructure development, including expanding transportation networks, constructing new metro lines, and improving connectivity. These developments have made certain areas more attractive for real estate investment, potentially increasing property prices in those locations. Due to natural growth and migration, Bengaluru’s population is on the rise, which can lead to increased demand for housing.

As the population grows, more housing units will be needed, which can lead to higher prices. In densely populated areas, apartments are the best option as they can accommodate more people in a limited space. In prime locations of Bengaluru, the average price of a comfortable 1 BHK apartment is Rs. 80 lakhs. The average monthly rent of such apartments in well-developed infrastructure and connectivity areas is Rs. 25,000.

Ideal places to invest in Bangalore for maximum profits and returns in long-term:

  • Whitefield
  • Nagavara
  • Koramangala
  • Devanahalli
  • Indira Nagar

Property prices also vary with the size and location of the tower. Investing in any property in the city is best, as it will have a better ROI. Buying an apartment is one of the best decisions in Bangalore as it has a stable real estate market.

With a rise in environmental concerns, Bangalore is embracing sustainable development practices. The real estate sector is adopting eco-friendly approaches, including green construction, solar panels, energy-efficient designs, and rainwater harvesting. Not only does this align with global environmental goals, but it also enhances the overall appeal of real estate projects.

Payment Plan – The upright decision

Payment Plan The upright decision

Lodha Mirabelle Payment Plan offers buyers an easy, risk-free payment option in a simple instalment plan. However, it’s important to note that the basic price does not include extra fees like registration charges, stamp duty, and other fees. These charges must be paid during the registration of the apartments at the time of possession date. All the charges and costs include GST.

Several payment plans will be available, like a down payment plan, a construction-linked plan, an advance payment, and nothing till possession, etc. The developer discusses these payment plans with the banks before finalizing them, and the banks approve the same depending on the customer’s capacity.

Lodha Mirabelle values buyers’ needs and offers flexible payment options to help them. The project gives buyers the best payment choices to help them make payments in instalments and according to their wishes. The straightforward pricing policy ensures buyers won’t face any unexpected fees. The best pricing structure makes it simple for all buyers to buy their dream home at a great deal, worth the investment.

RERA lays out a general plan for projects that are in the process of being built, which is. It includes the below-mentioned stages:

  • The buyer must pay 10% of the property’s cost when booking a home.
  • As the construction begins, the buyer must pay an additional 10% of the price.
  • Upon completion up to the plinth level, 15% of the value will be paid.
  • The buyer must pay 2% to 5% as every step of construction is completed.
  • After plastering, painting, and plumbing, 5% will be paid.
  • The remaining 5% of the price will be paid upon home possession.

Lodha Mirabella’s payment plan will be revealed as soon as it is ready. However, offering attractive schemes or deals will help developers with the selling process of the property.

Bangalore real estate trends

Bangalore real estate trends

With a booming economy, a thriving IT industry, and a rapidly expanding population, the real estate sector in Bangalore has seen steady growth in recent years. The city’s real estate market holds promise for investors and homebuyers as it continues evolving and attracting substantial investments. The city’s real estate market is growing exponentially, backed by steady demand. The continued launches of good projects, upgrades of amenities being offered, and overall price appreciation are reasons why Bengaluru is a viable market for real estate investment.

One of the most prominent trends in Bangalore’s real estate landscape is the ascent of co-working spaces. These provide cost-effective, fully furnished offices with shared amenities, fostering networking and professional collaboration. The post-pandemic surge in hybrid work models has fueled the demand for flexible office spaces, adding high demand to the commercial real estate sector.

Bangalore’s suburbs are witnessing the rise of opulent residences and apartments. These suburbs promise a luxurious lifestyle and robust rental returns, making them a hot spot for investors. The city’s residential market, projected to grow at an impressive 5% annually, ranks among the top in India. Gated community plots, allowing homeowners to customize their homes, are in high demand, especially in Bangalore North and Devanahalli, neighbouring the Kempegowda International Airport.

The market value of properties in major locations of Bangalore

  • Sarjapur Road – Rs. 12,000 per sq. ft
  • JP Nagar – Rs. 13,000 per sq. ft
  • Hebbal – Rs. 13,500 per sq. ft
  • Varthur – Rs. 14,500 per sq. ft
  • Indira Nagar – Rs. 16,500 per sq. ft

According to Knight Frank’s “Asia-Pacific Outlook 2023,” Bengaluru has emerged as one of the top real estate markets in the APAC area to watch out for. Out of the 24 markets the survey follows, Bengaluru’s residential market, which is anticipated to increase by 5% yearly, is the second-best.

Compared to other cities in India, a relatively low cost of living in Bengaluru. Bengaluru’s cost of living is about 12% cheaper than the national average. Bengaluru is an excellent place to start if you want to invest in real estate.

Current price on Nagavara and price trends

Current price on Nagavara and price trends

Nagavara is a fast-developing locality in the northern part of Bengaluru that connects to extensive IT cluster areas. Due to its closeness to Manyata Tech Park and easy connectivity, the area has seen massive growth, which makes it the best locality to invest in real estate. The place is conveniently located close to Kempegowda International Airport. With the upcoming metro, the connectivity of this place is also expected to improve even further. All these infrastructural developments have directly increased the property market value in this location.

Areas with improved infrastructure usually experience a surge in demand for properties, thus presenting potential investment opportunities. Keeping an eye on the locality’s infrastructure projects and their impact on nearby areas can help investors make informed decisions. Gated communities will likely thrive as the demand for a holistic and convenient lifestyle increases.

Developers are incorporating innovative designs and premium facilities to attract buyers seeking comfort and security. Many people are relocating here in search of job offers, driving the real estate market. The residential plots on Nagavara usually cost Rs. 12,000 per sq. ft with an annual increase of 22%. The property price will increase, and investing in any good project is a great choice. The locality is perfect for those who wish to invest in properties because the location will likely provide the best returns after one or two years of investing.

Cost sheet – The ultimate document for customer decision

Cost sheet The ultimate document for customer decision

Cost sheets are an essential aspect of managing construction and real estate projects. They contain detailed breakdowns of material and labour costs, equipment expenses, and permit fees. Cost sheets help to understand the pricing for different unit options that cater to buyers’ budgets and preferences.

The cost sheet includes various charges, such as

  • Basic cost
  • Stamp duty
  • GST payable
  • Total taxes
  • Other charges

There are several pre-launch offers available for the project, including different discounts. These offers encourage early buyers to invest in the property and gain a good profit. Once the property value increases, they can sell it at a higher price and receive a good return on investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the starting price of apartments in Lodha Mirabelle?

The starting price of luxurious apartments in Lodha Mirabelle is Rs. 1.32 crores. These apartments are exquisitely designed, use high-quality construction materials, and are nestled strategically.

2. What are the additional charges to be paid?

Transaction charges, GST, Generator charges, Registration and Stamp Duty Charges, sinking fund and Advance maintenance charges are to be paid as extra charges. These charges are not included in the price mentioned here.

3. What are the common payment plans available for buying an apartment?

Many payment plans are available for buying an apartment from a RERA-approved residential project, such as a down payment plan, a construction-linked plan, an advance payment, and nothing till possession.

4. Will there be any hidden price that must be paid at any stage in the project?

All the price details will be shared at the start, and there will not be any hidden charges to be paid in the project.

5. Will the pre-launch and launch prices be the same for the project?

The pre-launch prices are lower than the launch price as there will be good discounts of up to 20% for early buyers. So, it is better to invest in a pre-launch stage, which will provide maximum profit to the buyers.

Disclaimer: Any content mentioned in this website is for information purpose only and Prices are subject to change without notice. This website is just for the purpose of information only and not to be considered as an official website.

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